Thoughtful food styling for the best photography results

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Getting creative with props and styling can bring your images to the next level. Our expert photogrpaher shares her best tips to achieve this.

Less is more!

Simply really but so many food photographs get this wrong. Use the space on a plate to offer contrast and a 'frame' to your dish. It looks much more appealing to offer a minimalist serving rather than an overcowded plate.

Create Contrast

Expert food stylist from Food Photographer Dubai often select dinnerware that contrasts with the food being served. This can be just as important as the food itself. Our food stylists can advise you the best options. In addition the worktop or tabletop can also be an interesting contrast. For example a rustic wooden surface can add an interesting feel to the dish, especially for Arabic or Italian food.

Showcase your dishes best asset

If you have some beautiful ruby red grapefruit slices in your arugula salad, make sure they are on the top. If we are photographing a delicious cut of lamb, we take a shot from the side so we capture the gorgeous colour and juicy bits. Angles are very important.

Capture work in progress!

Some of the best food photography we have captured has been the dish in progress. For example, a chef putting the final touches drizzling au jus on a tender chicken or someone pouring cream onto a hot dessert.

Add Props

A food photograph can look unnatural unless there is a fork navigationg its way across the plate or a straw in a milkshake ready to be drunk. The trick is to place the utensil as it would be used, a cake knife relishing in the fact that it has just sliced into a moist cake. Be creative! Napkins too are a great way to add colour, texture and pattern to any food photograph.

Get close up with natural light

I often talk about the importance of light when photographing food. Light bulbs cast yellow ugly light on your food. Photographs shot in natural light always look sharp, crisp, irresistable and glowy. Your food stylist can advise you the best location for the shoot. Even near to a window can work well.

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On 02 / 02 / 2016

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